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Why join JF Property Group?


    1.   Fun, team-oriented, success driven environment.
    2.   Leads and referrals provided to agents.
    3.   Coaching and transaction advice.
    4.   Agent keeps more of their income via highly competitive splits.
    5.   Agent recruitment compensation.
    6.   Social media designs, professional website, technologies & CRM all for free.
    7.   Agent profile / brand marketing at no cost.
    8.   Advisor available 24/7
    9.   Free Continuing Education (12-hours required per year).
    10.   Most marketing/agent material provided for free (i.e. closing folders, business cards,              clothing, email, website design, marketing campaigns, et.)
    11.   Zero commission splits for personal home sales.
    12.   Team help with open houses, showings, closings, etc.
    13.   We’re DIFFERENT from other brokerages… in a good way! 

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