Are you about to sell your home? Are you wondering if you are doing it the right way? If it is your first time selling a house, you are likely to make a mistake throughout the process.

Selling a property in Indianapolis is challenging. Most people rate it as one of the most difficult events of their life—second to a breakup. Can you believe it that? Thirty-six percent of homeowners even said that they cried throughout the process.

Here are some of the common mistakes first-time home sellers commit and why you should avoid them as well.

  • Choosing the wrong agent

Would you employ someone for a job without interviewing them? We hope not. So, why do a lot of people do it with their real estate agents?

Here’s what likely you wish to prevent:

  • An agent who works with buyers
  • An agent with little to no experience in negotiating
  • Someone who tells you the selling price you like to hear but does not back it up with facts and data
  • An inexperienced agent
  • A part-time agent who has many obligations competing with selling your home


  • Not putting minimum effort into the home’s MLS listing

The information you present in your online home listing is the most crucial part of marketing a home. In fact, ninety-three percent of homebuyers now utilize the internet to look for homes—a figure that has increased even higher due to the pandemic.

Homebuyers also have become choosier with which homes they will tour in person and depend heavily on online visuals and information to screen properties. Your online listing is your opportunity to get eyes on your home and attract buyers to arrange a showing.

  • Hiding disclosure problems

Today, nearly all homes on the market have problems noted in the seller’s disclosure document. Thus, homebuyers aren’t going to discount a property due to a disclosed problem. However, sellers are often cautious of noting issues they have encountered, particularly if they feel the problem is resolved. They are frightened that it could scare away home buyers.

However, in reality, not disclosing these concerns is a big risk and will only open you up to litigation.

  • Forgoing a pre-inspection

Typically, in a home sale, the home inspection happens after you have accepted the offer. Nearly all inspections will show a defect that either needs to be handled before closing or negotiated as a closing credit.

What that indicates is the clock is ticking. You will either need to pay a premium for instant repairs or leave your money on the table. Even though a pre-inspection is not necessary, it offers you an opportunity to fix concerns and find dependable contractors on your own timeline for any bigger concerns that require fixing.

There are many things you should not do when selling a property in Indianapolis. If you truly like to prevent these common home selling, make sure that you hire a skilled real estate agent you can trust and count on their guidance.