Homeowners in Indianapolis have different reasons for wanting to boost their home’s value. Some simply like to keep up with local trends, while others want to get a place in a better position to sell it.

If you’re a homeowner in the area, you can save substantial time, worry, and money over marketing and renting your residential property with a real estate service. Read further to learn how you can boost your property’s value.

  1. Pay attention to curb appeal

Selling a property depends on it looking just as beautiful on the outside as it does inside. You should prioritize appeal with updates like exterior painting, landscaping, roof replacement and repair, siding, windows, and gutter.

Simple, low-cost things that you can do include keeping any greenery healthy, trimming the lawn regularly, and repainting windowpanes, garage doors, gutters, doors, and other exterior features.

  1. Make your home smarter

Did you know that smart homes are the newest buzzword in real estate? It is no wonder why. Smart home technology enables the homeowner to control different aspects of their property like windows, security, climate, audio, and lighting, among other things, with a simple voice command.

  1. Create an outdoor structure

Another aspect of curb appeal is hardscaping—manmade features of outdoor space. These involve driveways, retaining walls, fences, and so much more. The most common type of hardscaping is functional outdoor structures like courtyards, gazebos, decks, patios, and any other space where guests and homeowners can kick back and enjoy the great outdoors.

  1. Update kitchens

In the world of real estate, the “kitchen is king.” An upgraded kitchen tops the list of vital features for many first-time home buyers. Also, updating your kitchen does not involve tearing it into small pieces and starting from scratch. With easy, budget-friendly renovations, you can modernize your kitchen quickly.

  1. Hire a property management company

Are you leasing out your property? Then hiring a property management team can add substantial value to your investment. Keeping a property in the best condition, particularly when it is rental, can cost you a lot of stress, money, and time.

Also, property management companies handle the common landlord responsibilities like dealing with any repairs, accidents, or difficult tenants on your behalf, helping you make the most of the value of your home by creating a return on your investment.

  1. Make it energy efficient

Adding energy-efficient solutions to your home improves its value and improves the curb appeal a bit. You will be offering your buyers something—money in their money every month.

By saving money on their gas or electric bills, they will be grateful that their sellers included that extra value and saved them a headache. Some of the best ideas you can include are LED lighting, central heating and air conditioning, water softener, energy-efficient appliances, double-paned windows, and increased attic space insulation.

If you plan to sell your home or rent it with tenants, the above tips will help you attract more buyers or renters.